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At Ditch That Textbook our mission is to provide quality online professional development through our courses at a reasonable price. Inside each course you'll find video instruction, companion resources, an online community forum, a certificate of completion and more.

Our courses start whenever you enroll and never end! You have lifetime access to the course and they are completely self-paced - you decide when you start and when you finish. 

Ditch That Textbook Online Courses

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How to use Google Classroom FREE course

Creating a Playful Classroom

The Playful Classroom shows readers how to reconnect with students, parents, and your profession. In this mini course, join The Playful Classroom co-author Jed Dearybury as he takes you through some of the best take-aways from the book.

-You'll see the research behind the power of play.
-You'll see some real-life examples you can use right away.
-You'll learn how to continue growing in your ability to create a playful classroom.

This FREE mini course includes an hour of video instruction from Jed himself as well as additional resources and a certificate of completion for ONE HOUR of professional development credit.

Do More with Google Jamboard

This course will introduce you to Jamboard features you might not know. It will give you dozens of ideas for using it in the classroom.

Here's what you'll find inside:
MODULE 1: Jamboard Basics
MODULE 2: Jamboard Ideas
MODULE 3: Jamboard Templates

Plus, you get the RESOURCE LOCKER full of templates, tutorials, ebooks, graphics, ideas, and more. 

What people are saying about Do More with Google Jamboard...

Gail T. Wilkins // Educator

This course is amazing. It had easy instructions to follow for students and teachers, engaging experiences with higher level thinking skills for students to have fun while learning and an amazing amount of resources to help me. I can't wait to get started. I always love professional development with Matt!

Tonya Pawlukovich // Teacher

I thought I knew how I could use Jamboard in my classroom but learned a plethora of new ideas. I love that there are templates ready to use and push out to students.

Robby L Crowley // Tech Coach 

As the Tech Coach of my school I was looking for ways to better serve the teachers in my school. I opted to pay the cost for this lesson and I'm glad I did. The things i learned and the resources provided are great!!

Game Show Classroom

Game Show Classroom gives you the tools, the ideas, and the inspiration you need to make classroom learning more game-like.

It includes:
-Tools to make review and practice more like a game
-New, creative uses of those tools
-Ideas for turning the day-to-day classroom into an ongoing game
-Design tips to make instructional materials feel like students' favorite games
-Inspiration to build your own games with your students

Plus, you get the RESOURCE LOCKER full of templates, tutorials and ebooks. 

What people are saying about Game Show Classroom...

Margaret Burkholder //  Math Teacher

I need games as much as the kids do. The 20-21 school year was CHALLENGING and I want to bring fun and fantasy back into the classroom. After this course I have the tools and inspiration to make some small changes to bring joy back into the classroom.

Tsunehiro Nonaka // Educator

This course inspired me a lot as a teacher and as a person who wants to improve quality of life! I believe that gamification has lots of potentials to change not only students' learning experiences but also their future life. I cannot wait to apply what I have learned in this course to my classes!

Jacki Clements // Elementary Teacher 

I am so amazed to learn all of the ways I can utilize numerous gaming apps in my classroom. I was already using most of these apps but definitely not to their capacity. I am very excited to incorporate all of the new techniques I have learned in this course in my classroom in the fall! Thank you so much for offering this course to us!

Getting Started with Canva in the Classroom

The tips, tools, and templates you need to start teaching with Canva.

This course includes:

-Video tutorials
-Interactive infographics
-30 Canva Templates ebook
-Canva Appsmashing ebook
-30 Hidden Canva Elements ebook
-Design Tasks and Badges
-Certificate of Completion

What people are saying about Getting Started with Canva in the Classroom...

Rositsa Mineva, //

ESL teacher, Bulgaria

Great course, I was having lots of fun learning new things about my favourite app Canva! And the appsmashing book is fantastic! I also love playing with different apps creatively. Thanks! 

David Dun // Spanish Teacher
Coffs Harbour, NSW Australia"

A fantastic introduction to an amazing resource for educators. I'd really been struggling to make sense of Canva on my own. I'm a language teacher not a designer! The course had all the information I need and was presented in a clear and logical sequence. I now feel that I have all the basic knowledge and skills to be able to create awesome resources and presentations for my students. Thank you!

Kylie Galliani // Science Teacher, Northern CA 

I already loved Canva, and thought I knew the best parts about it, but this course made me OBSESSED with Canva and how easily it meshes with the G-Suite. The "learn and try" presentation of this course was simple and very effective! I am now inspired to level up my lessons to let students take the wheel with designing and learning more digital skills! 

Do MORE with Canva in Classroom

Teaching ideas, lesson plans and templates you need to teach with Canva in the classroom.

It includes:

-Video tutorials
-10 plug and play lesson plans
-Canva 101 HyperDoc
-HyperDoc Lesson Template
-Certificate of Completion

What people are saying about Do MORE with Canva in the Classroom...

Rositsa Mineva, //

ESL teacher, Bulgaria

Great learning experience with Canva I had once more. Thanks again, Matt and Karly, for this fantastic course! I'm coming back for more 🙂 Cheers from Bulgaria!

Celina Costa // Educator, Toronto, Canada

Although I use Canva all the time, I knew that Matt Miller and Karly Moura would create a worthwhile course and they did not disappoint. My favourite part of the course was module 1 called Plug and Play which offers 10 interesting ideas with templates that are ready to go. I am excited to get started.

Carla Kleinwolterink // K12 Instructional Coach 

Love DTTB courses. Great resources, easy to understand, I can complete at my own pace, coming back and it autosaves what I've already done.

Canva in the Classroom Course Bundle

Getting Started with Canva in the Classroom online course


Do More with Canva in the Classroom online course 

Getting Started with Digital Escape Rooms

In this online course, we'll take you through the steps you'll need to create your own digital escape room.

This course includes:
Video tutorials to show you what you need to do
PDF guides to help you plan
A step-by-step companion website to help you create your own
27 digital escape rooms with lock combinations
TONS of resources to support you in creating the escape rooms of your dreams and more!

What people are saying about Getting Started with Digital Escape Rooms...

Stephanie Underwood // Special Education Teacher

I love digital escape rooms and am so excited to have learned how to make my own rather than paying for them on TpT! My students love them, as well. They're always so excited when they see an escape room is on the day's agenda! It's wonderful being able to customize them to my needs and my students' levels. Having access to so many other escape rooms was an unexpected bonus!

Dr Meenakshi Narula // Principal

The pandemic has made all of us explore new vistas in the field of education. When learning was at stake we explored number of tools and made the teaching-learning feasible. I attended 1000+ workshops to upgrade my skills and empower my team. Ditch that textbook has helped me know about wonderful engaging strategies for the students. These are wow strategies to grab the attention of the students.

Grant Whitaker // Educator 

Having been 'hooked' by making virtual escape room challenges I came across this course quite by chance. I'm so glad I did! It was an impressive, comprehensive and informative course that had my attention throughout. Expertly explained, it enabled me to construct escape rooms to a new level. I can't wait to get started! Take the course, you won't be disappointed.

How to Use Google Classroom

Millions of teachers and students around the world use Google Classroom every day. They manage assignments. Leave feedback. Give grades. Communicate.

This FREE course walks you through the basics PLUS gives you tips and tricks for success!

-Tutorials to get you up and running
-TONS of activities you can use right away
-Ideas to take your skills to the next level

Ready to learn how this tool can save you time and help your class run smoothly?

Getting Started with Virtual Field Trips

The Getting Started with Virtual Field Trips online course will have you and your students experiencing the world virtually in no time. Using these virtual experiences with students from K-12 and beyond will help make learning real.

The course includes ...
-More than 45 minutes of video instruction
-An in-depth look at 10 places to find free virtual field trips
-Templates, tools, and tutorials for creating your own virtual field trips
-Plus, you'll get the Virtual Field Trips Database, a searchable database of more than 500 virtual field trips you can use right away!

Remote Learning 101

In this FREE course, Remote Learning 101, educators will get lots of practical tips, ideas and resources to make a plan for remote learning. They'll take practical steps toward building the remote learning class they need -- and their students need.

The course includes:
More than 2 hours of video lessons
A community element with discussion questions
Extra resources, including downloadable templates, video tutorials, podcast episodes and more
Downloadable (or printable) planning documents

Back to Class with Smart Start by EduProtocols

Learn this game-changing approach to learning from the authors and creators of EduProtocols and a world class teacher that will blow your mind and make this the best year ever.

What you’ll get:
-Two 45 minute recorded sessions with EduProtocols Expert Trainers and Authors
-FOUR days of EduProtocols - based lessons, including academic icebreakers and 4Cs based lessons
-Over 20 ready to use EduProtocols Smart Start Lessons - Google and Microsoft formatted
-Free Lifetime Tech Support  and the best start to your school year ever!

Tech to Learn

Tech to Learn is an online course dedicated to helping YOU identify ways to use technology to move the needle for learning ... to amplify and boost what's happening in your classroom.

In this course you'll get...
SIX  focus areas where technology can truly boost learning
Practical examples you can implement in your class immediately
Downloadable checklists and guides to help you succeed
Four BONUS mini-modules on key topics like productivity and cheating


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