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Do More with Google Classroom

Teach Better. Save Time. Make a Difference.

How can Google Classroom help me teach better? Be more efficient? Make a difference?

YouTube tutorials, support pages, and how-to guides about Google Classroom’s features are everywhere. But information on the features doesn’t automatically translate to great teaching.

Do More with Google Classroom is the guide book teachers have always needed about this digital tool that millions around the world are using.

  • Set up and organize Google Classroom for success.
  • Create great assignments with FREE templates and tools.
  • Assess to truly know what students know.
  • Save time for what matters most.

Customer Reviews for Do More with Google Classroom

Super charge your LMS!

"Matt Miller provides another excellent read with Do More with Google Classroom. In the book, Miller shows educators how they can go beyond the basic functions of Classroom to make it more dynamic for their learners. Even if you are not using Google Classroom as your LMS, this book is packed with templates and ideas that can work with any LMS. "- Heidi L Trude

Google Classroom and More

"This is the book on Google Classroom that I’ve been waiting for. How do you use Google Classroom effectively? This book gives some great but simple ideas on how to get the most bang for your buck. The airport analogy made it so much clearer!" - A. Kelley

Make the most of your Google Classroom

"This book went immediately to the top of my “to be read” book after Matt’s session during Ditch Summit. You want this book to help you maximize the potential of your Google Classroom (or any digital classroom/LMS)." - Kristi Daws

Tech Like A Pirate

Tech Like A Pirate on Amazon

The rise of digital culture has left some teachers and their students distracted, divided, and overwhelmed. But Tech Like a PIRATE brings educators flexible strategies for creating classroom tech experiences that will electrify student engagement. You don’t have to be a tech genius--just willing to try!

Tech Like a PIRATE offers an accessible, engaging, and empowering toolkit for educators looking to innovate and engage their classes through technology. It’s full of practical examples that are rooted in research, best practices, and solid pedagogy, and it’s accompanied by a treasure trove of additional resources at DitchThatTextbook.

Customer Reviews for Tech Like A Pirate

Tech Like a Pirate has something to offer every educator!

"Tech Like a Pirate is full of free resources and great techniques that can be used in and out of the classroom, right away! "- Kimmie B

5/5 Stars

This is a must-read for any Ed Tech professional and as "go-to" for all teachers.

"Matt provides step-by-step methods to make the learning come alive and engage the student. As a teacher of teachers, I am excited to share the plethora of resources that are provided."

- Deryl Maxwell

5/5 Stars

Matt Miller will make teaching remote in the Fall a breeze!

"so many ideas and ways to work with your students online to where they will look forward to remote learning instead of avoiding it!!!" - Bob Shock

5/5 Stars

Ditch That Textbook

Are you ready for a change?
You know potential exists for innovative, engaging, revolutionary education if you get the right ideas, right tools, and right people, all in the right order.

If that sounds like you, then you're ready to DITCH old mindsets and methods and replace them with empowering, liberating ones.

Packed with practical advice, specific recommendations for tools, and the encouragement you need to revolutionize your classes, Ditch That Textbook will inspire you to create relevant teaching that gets student buy-in so they'll enjoy learning.

Ditch That Homework

Students hate it.
Parents wonder if it’s worth the tears, frustration, and nightly arguments.
Teachers debate whether it’s really helpful or just busywork that consumes their precious time.

One thing everyone can agree on is that homework is a contentious topic.

Ditch That Homework provides practical guidance on how to eliminate homework from your lessons. You’ll discover strategies for improving learning through differentiation and student agency and by tapping into the way the brain works best.

Are you ready? Read this book and you’ll understand why it’s time to Ditch That Homework!

Don't Ditch That Tech

Daunted by differentiation and devices?
Ditching tech isn’t the answer—understanding how to find the right tool, for the right teacher, for the right moment is!

Don’t Ditch That Tech, provides practical ideas to help you find the sweet spot where classroom devices meet students’ needs. In this teacher-tailored guide, you’ll find tips on how to handle cart/lab scenarios, develop attention-grabbing strategies, build metacognitive practices, and more—all with differentiation in mind.

Whether you're a tech newbie or the school’s device guru, you’ll walk away with new understandings and strategies for transforming and diversifying your approach to teaching in a twenty-first-century world.


The Ditch That Textbook Lesson Plan Book combines a flexible design with TONS of resources to level up your lesson plan game.

CUSTOMIZABLE LAYOUT – Divide your pages into 3, 4 or 5-day weeks
BULLET JOURNAL INSPIRED – Space for weekend events, to-do lists
REFERENCE PAGES – Helpful lesson planning tools and resources
DIGITAL TOOLS HIGHLIGHT – Discover new tools every week
WEEKLY GOAL AND REFLECTION – Don’t lose track of your “why’s”
NEW TEACHING IDEAS – Get weekly ideas from Ditch That Textbook
PLENTY OF SPACE – Features 128 pages, 40 undated weeks and 6 subjects

Get your copy plus FREE lesson planning resources and templates at!

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